Volunteer Table

With Recrewteer, create your volunteer board in just a few clicks.

Create a volunteer board in a few clicks

Easily and automatically export the data in your Recrewteer account to a Google Sheet or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet if required. You can then create your volunteer board according to your different needs.

Unlimited possibilities

Google Sheet is an ultra powerful table similar to Microsoft Excel that will allow you to build your volunteer table as well as carry out various analyzes and reports around your volunteer program. If you would like to know how the integration between Recrewteer and Google Sheet works, you can click on the link below.

Volunteers spreadsheet templates

Event organizers who use our volunteer management software build a lot of volunteer boards which they print and use on the day of the event. See below for an example.


The attendance sheet or sign-in sheet is a document that allows you to monitor and confirm the presence of volunteers at your designed tasks. The post manager is responsible to ensure each volunteer present signs the document on site.

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