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Recrewteer helps you manage your volunteer before, during and after your trail running event. Our Volunteer Management Software centralises your volunteer program and streamlines all your taks.

Organiser un trail - gestion des bénévoles


Managing hundreds of volunteers during a trail running event can drive you crazy. It’s a complex and time-consuling task for sport event organisers. On top of that, managing volunteers is super admin where we spend most of our time filling a spreadsheet.


Recrewteer is an all-in-one volunteer management software 100% dedicated for trail running organisers. From tasks creation and hiring volunteer to assignment and communication, Recrewteer automates all your tasks in a minute.

Manage your volunteers for your trail running in 4 steps

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Odlo High Trail Vanoise | Gestion des bénévoles

Recrewteer is a volunteer management software perfectly tailored for our needs as a trail organiser. But I think it’s tailored for all the trail organisers out there. The volunteer of our management is smoother with Recrewteer and our relationship   with our volunteers is much more efficient. On top of that, the team rocks!


Volunteer Manager – Odlo High Trail Vanoise

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