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Logiciel de Gestion Bénévole
Description poste

Job Description

The first step when creating a job is to add a detailed job description. It is then available in the volunteer area and in the assignment summary. You can also add private notes to facilitate communication with your internal teams.

Location of the task

Often, your post will be related to a specific location. With Recrewteer, you define the location of your tasks using an interactive map. We are also integrating the IGN basemap to meet the needs of trail organizers.

Creneau Horaire

Time Slots

Create one or more time slots. For each of your tasks, you can indicate the number of volunteers you need.

Access Rights

You can create access conditions, linking them to your positions. For examples: the “VIP Reception” position is only open to English speaking volunteers. Or some roles might require a driving license.


Head of Task or Task Manager

For each position or you can appoint managers. The workstation managers have read-only access to your organizer space.

Create your posts quickly and easily

Creating jobs in Recrewteer is done in seconds with ease! Thankfully, to use our volunteer management solution you don’t have to be an IT expert. We make the solution as easy as possible to use. In the demonstration below, we show you how to create and configure an event.

Save your volunteer program from year to year

As soon as your event is over, you have the option to archive your event and duplicate it for future use. Nothing is lost! You keep all of your settings for the following years…guaranteeing time saving!

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