Recruit your volunteers

The recruitment of volunteers is done directly through your event website. With Recrewteer, recruiting volunteers becomes very easy!

Step 1: personal info - Volunteer Registration Form
Custom fields - Volunteer Registration Form

Custom Fields

We have developed a custom fields creation module to allow you to create your own registration questionnaire and recruit volunteers according to your needs.

Recruitment Form

Integrate the registration form inside your event website (iframe) to recruit volunteers. This form is adaptable and customisable to your needs (color of text, buttons, font, image, etc.)

Embed Volunteer Registration Form

Manual addition of a volunteer

Manually add volunteers to your event directly from your administration interface.

Automatic Email

Each time someone registers they will receive an automated email to confirm that their request has been received. Emails are customised to your event: choice of sender, email header, signature, etc.

Recruit volunteers quickly and easily

Your future volunteers can easily register for your event. With the flexibility of custom fields, you are able to create a smart sign-up form that fits your recruiting strategy. The form is secured by a 6-digit code to prevent your volunteers from creating accounts. In the video below, we have given you the example of the registration form for the UTMJ (Ultra-Trail des Montagnes du Jura), an event that requires more than 500 volunteers over ten days.

A dedicated and secure space for your volunteers

As soon as a volunteer is registered for your event, they have access to a secure volunteer space where they can find all of their assignments. They can also modify their profile information, such as adding a photo, importing a driver’s and other documents if not provided during registration. If a volunteer is still awaiting assignment, they can update their availability.

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