Native integration with Google Sheet for an easy way to manage volunteers

Automatically synchronise your Recrewteer data into a Google Sheet. It helps you to create meangingful reports.

Native integration between Recrewteer and Google Sheet

The power of Google Sheet

When we started to develop Recrewteer, we noticed that event organisers needed to create reports and dashboards based on their volunteer data. That’s why we’ve built a native integration into Google Sheet to automatically retrieve Recrewteer’s data into a spreadsheet.

Meal management

Count the exact numbers of meals you need to provide to your volunteers. Thanks to our customer field module, you can easily create meals fields (on-site, takeaway, etc.)

Host management

If you want to host your volunteers, you’ll be able to count the number of beds you need to provide to your volunteers and merge the data into a Google spreadsheet.

T-shirt and materials management

Get the exact number of t-shirt by size.

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