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Volunteer Management Software for festival organisers

Use Recrewteer to manage and coordinate your volunteer teams before, during and after your festival. Our solution automates 80% of the administrative tasks related to the management of volunteers at your festival.

Organiser un festival - gestion des bénévoles

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Organizing a festival is a big challenge and managing hundreds of volunteers is a complex task that requires a lot of time and effort. Managing volunteers is a very administrative task with most of the time spent filling out Excel spreadsheets.


Recrewteer is an all-in-one software that will help you manage and coordinate your volunteer teams at your festival easily. No more endless Google Forms or incomprehensible Excel tables. With Recrewteer, you centralize all your needs in a single platform: job creation, volunteer recruitment and assignment of volunteers to positions. The time saved will allow you to refocus on the essential: proximity to your volunteers.

Want to book a custom demo?

Are you organizing a festival and want to automate the management of your volunteers? Leave us your contact details and we will call you back to organize a personalized demonstration (online) of the Recrewteer software. Our team of experts will demonstrate based on your needs and expectations: creation of your form, creation of your positions, personalization of e-mail templates … Do not hesitate to contact us.

Volunteer Management Software - Organise a sport event

“Recrewteer is very useful for managing hundreds of volunteers in our various events. The solution saves us time, a lot of time! The handling is done naturally, especially in multi-event mode: it is fluid and very practical to move from one event to another, given that the Amicale des Volunteers takes care of volunteers for several events. ”


Volunteer Manager – L’Amicale des Bénévoles

Manage your volunteers for a festival in 4 steps

  • Settings
  • Registration
  • Assignment
  • Communication

Paramétrez vos postes

Décrivez l’ensemble de vos missions bénévoles pour créer vos fiches de postes. Pour chacun de vos postes, vous définissez vos créneaux horaires ainsi que le nombre de bénévoles nécessaires.

Creneau Horaire

Recrutez vos futurs bénévoles

Recrutez vos futurs bénévoles en intégrant notre formulaire d’inscription sur le site internet de votre événement. Le formulaire propose de nombreuses options de personnalisation et de paramétrage (choix des disponibilités, affichage des postes…).

Champs personnalise

Affectez vos bénévoles à des postes

Assignez rapidement et sans erreur les bénévoles à des postes, à l’aide de notre module d’affectation ultra innovant. Le système vous propose les postes qui correspondent aux disponibilités du bénévole, à ses souhaits et à ses compétences.

Affectation des bénévoles

Communiquez avec vos bénévoles

Envoyez en toute simplicité des e-mails ou des SMS à vos bénévoles. Pour chaque envoi, vous pouvez personnaliser le contenu de votre message et les destinataires (tous les bénévoles, un groupe de bénévoles sur un poste…).

Personnalisation des e-mails - Communication avec les Bénévoles

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