Communicate with volunteers

Send SMS and emails to your volunteers directly from your organizer area

Text Message, EMAIL

Texts and emaills

You have the option of texting or emailing your volunteers with our built in functionality. No more exporting your mailing lists!

Dynamic fields

Customise the content of your e-mail or SMS by personalizing the dynamic fields such as the name of the volunteer

Dynamic Fields

Mailing List

You can choose which volunteers will receive your message. This could be all your volunteers, only volunteers assigned to a particular task or specific volunteers.

Message Stats

When your message is sent to your volunteers, you can access a detailed report on the performance of your communication campaign: open rate, click rate, number of submissions and the list of volunteers who did not open the message.


Keep in touch with your volunteers

Our module for sending emails and texts allows you to maintain a strong and regular relationship with your volunteers. It also allows you to be more responsive when you need to send important messages to your volunteers. In the video below, you will discover how our communication module works.

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