Assign volunteers to open positions

Match your volunteers with your tasks at the speed of light with our best-of-breed dedicated interface

Dedicated interface

Easily assign your volunteers to tasks using our intuitive interface. You can easily see the volunteer sheet with answers to the questions on the form as well as all the positions that correspond to the availability of your volunteer. Get your placements filled in real time for even more efficiency and responsiveness.

Smart assignment

Recrewteer offers you “Smart Assignment” between your volunteers and your positions. For each volunteer, we suggest positions that correspond to the availability of volunteers, their wishes and also the pre-requisite conditions of the task. Smart Assignment helps you avoid mistakes when assigning volunteers.

Email notification

Once your volunteer is assigned, they are placed on a mailing list. When you’re ready to send assignments to your volunteers, you have a feature that lets you do it with one click via email. The e-mail contains all of the information relating to the position: their job description, their location and the name of their manager.

Dedicated Volunteer Space

Your volunteers can access a dedicated and secure space to find all of their assignments. They can also modify their profile information and update their availability if they wish. The volunteer space can either be hosted with us or integrated into your event website via an iframe for total transparency (white label).

Volunteer Assigment

In the video below, we show you how the assignment process works. The interface allows you to assign volunteers very quickly and without error since slots that cannot fit are automatically grayed out.

Position based assignment

In the video below, we show you how the position based assignment works. Volunteers who may be eligible for the selected position are automatically selected. The interface will only display the volunteers available at the time of the post as well as the volunteers eligible for the post (access conditions).

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A word from our awesome UX designer

The interface design of the Volunteer Assignment module in Recrewteer was strategic for us. This is one of the aspects where organizers clearly waste a lot of time. The challenge in this project is the sheer multitude of information that we had to display in a single screen: all the positions, their filling rates as well as all the information relating to the volunteer sheet: answers to the questions on the form, wishes and availability of the volunteer but also display internal comments (very important when there are several administrators on the volunteer program). After long hours of thinking, hundreds of prototypes, I was inspired by the Tinder dating application: the "Swipe and Match". This was relevant because the purpose of this module is the matching between positions and volunteers.

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