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Recrewteer is an all-in-one volunteer management software dedicated to event organisations. With Recrewteer, you centralise and digitalise your volunteer program in a single place.

Say goodbye to complex Excel files and meet the most innovative volunteer management platform for the new era

More than 200 event organisers use Recrewteer since our launch back in 2021

Easy to use for your volunteers

Your volunteers give you a lot and there is no way to waste their time with a complex registration form.
With Recrewteer, no need to create an account or log in to a platform, it’s just super easy for your volunteers.
And after that? That’s it! They receive all the valuable information over emails or text messages.
Volunteer managment

Fully transparent

We’re proud to have developed a white-label volunteer management software. We’re just invisible to your volunteers. The volunteer registration form can be embedded right in your website and all the communication is sent from your email address.

Your volunteer: your data

We believe that your volunteer community is part of your event DNA that’s why you own the data.
We never share or mutualise them with other organisers. That’s sound pretty obvious but that’s not the case everywhere.

We choose Recrewteer as we were looking to build an active community of our volunteers. From the registration to assignation Recrewteer handles the all cycle when it comes to managing volunteers during an event. One of the most powerful features is the assignment module which matches every single volunteer with a role according to several criteria: skills, wishes, availabilities... We save so much time as it was very manual in the past and it allows us to spend more time with our volunteers.

Create and Customise your required roles

Describe your tasks with ease and quickly create your job descriptions. For each of your positions, you can define one or more time slots as well as the number of volunteers required for the smooth running of your event.
Time slot
Custom fields

Recruit your volunteers

Recruit your volunteers right from your event website. The form is super customisable (you can create custom fields with dependency) and smart (you can create access rules for example).

Assign volunteers

Easily assign a volunteer to one or several roles. Our innovative matching module is giving you for each volunteer the best roles according to several criteria: availability, skills…
Volunteer Assignement
Custom Email - Communicate with Volunteer

Communicate with the community

Easily send email or text message campaigns right from the solution. For each campaign, you can choose your recipients according to dynamic lists.

Plan catering, accomodation...

Get ready for the D-Day! Our volunteer/staff management solution can help you to plan everything in advance. How many meals on Saturday? How many t-shirts? Know everything!

We were looking for a solution dedicated to the management of our volunteers. On one hand, this task is super important for us as without volunteers our events couldn't exist but on the other hand, it's very time-consuming and very complex! With Recrewteer, everything is centralised in one place, it's collaborative and it allows us to smoothly run our volunteer program.

Fabien Couzon - L'Échappée Belle

Throughout the years, the management of our volunteers became more and more complex. Several trail organisers recommended the Recrewteer's platform and we rolled out this volunteer management software for several reasons: it's super easy to use, collaborative and we can work with several member of my team at the same time. On top of that, the team is very close to their clients and they make sure to listen to all our business needs to better develop the solution.

6 reasons to choose Recrewteer for managing volunteers at your event

There is more than 6 reasons obvisouly but we coudn’t add more text 😉
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Speedy Deployment

It only takes a few minutes to create your first tasks, your customised registration form and recruit your first volunteers.

Dedicated Support

You are in good hands. Our team supports you throughout your volunteer management project in real time.
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Easy to use

Recrewteer is simple and easy to use for everybody. No need for dedicated IT support.
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Your volunteers, your data

You are in control of your volunteers with no 3rd party required. The data of your volunteers belongs to you and is never shared with other organizers.
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Try it – you’ll never look back

Try our volunteer management solution for event organizers for free for 14 days.
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From 100 to 100,000 volunteers

Whether you are managing 100, 1000 or 10,000 volunteers, Recrewteer adapts to the size of your event with ease.

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