The preferred volunteer managmenet software for event planners

Recrewteer allows you to digitize your volunteer program and automate all tasks related to the management and coordination of volunteer teams at an event.

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Manage your volunteers in 4 steps

Why a Volunteer Management Software 100 dedicated for Event Organisers?

Volunteers : Imperative pillars of
your event

Volunteers are essential resources when you organize an event. They are closely linked to your success and as well as being the heart of your event, they convey your company values ​​to the participants.

Managing volunteers: a fastidious work

Managing and coordinating hundreds of volunteers at an event is a complex task. It is time-consuming but mandatory and demands an enormous amount of time and attention to detail by the organizers.

Manual management and
unsuitable tools

Managing volunteers is an administrative process with copious amount of time lost on filling out spreadsheets and entering information from various data sources when carried out manually (Google Form, paper newsletter, etc.).

6 reasons to choose Recrewteer for managing volunteers at your event

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Speedy Deployment

It only takes a few minutes to create your first tasks, your customised registration form and recruit your first volunteers.


Dedicated Support

You are in good hands. Our team supports you throughout your volunteer management project in real time.

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Easy to use

Recrewteer is simple and easy to use for everybody. No need for dedicated IT support.

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Your volunteers, your data

You are in control of your volunteers with no 3rd party required. The data of your volunteers belongs to you and is never shared with other organizers.

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Try it – you’ll never look back

Try our volunteer management solution for event organizers for free for 14 days.

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From 100 to 100,000 volunteers

Whether you are managing 100, 1000 or 10,000 volunteers, Recrewteer adapts to the size of your event with ease.

Trusted by +100 event organisers

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